About Professional Organizer Bailey Gaddis and Testimonials

Professional Organizer & Serene Living Spaces Owner- Bailey Gaddis, CPO®

Bailey is a Professional Organizer in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. She thoroughly enjoys helping clients create and maintain an organized and serene life. She provides her services with no judgement and enjoys making a connection with each client. Bailey understands how difficult it can be to become and stay organized and creates a personalized plan for each client. This personalized plan gives clients the necessary tools to lead a peaceful and clutter-free life. Bailey is a member of NAPO and takes pride in following their well thought out professional guidelines. With a little help the transition to an organized life can be very smooth!

Professional Organizer- Jessica Ardi 

Jessica has been organizing for friends and family for as long as she can remember. Born into a disorganized family, she was able to learn quickly how to get things put together in a quick and organized fashion.  She truly enjoys being able to come into a house or place of business and help the client not only de-clutter their possessions but also organize it into a way that is manageable on a daily basis.  Jessica is easy to work with and has the ability to work at a pace the client is most comfortable with.  

Professional Organizer- Kara Schulze

Kara is a Professional Organizer currently residing in Camarillo, Ca. She believes that functional organization is essential in providing clarity and peace to the individual, in turn creating balance and serenity in everyday life. Kara sincerely enjoys working with her clients and aiding them in obtaining their ideal living space in accordance with their lifestyle. She believes the organizing process from start to finish is a truly gratifying progression that will ideally lead clients to continue on this clutter-free path indefinitely, and suggests tips and tools in order to do so. With so many things to juggle in life, it is important that one has a serene living/working space in order to accomplish life’s tasks with minimal to no stress. 

Organizing Testimonials

"Wow! How much lighter I feel , since Bailey started helping my family remove pounds of paper from our home. We are very blessed to have removed so much that was weighing us down. We are more free to enjoy the good things :) Serenity is priceless!" 
-Betsy B., Manhattan Beach

"Bailey helped me sift through my stuff, come to terms with letting go of belongings that were weighing me down, and helped me create a new and peaceful organized home."
-Shelby T., Los Angeles 

"With the help of Bailey Gaddis, from Serene Living Spaces, I was able to turn my living space from somewhere I piled my stuff, into a place I enjoyed spending my personal time."
-Eric C., Ventura 

"Bailey helped me transform my office space from a source of stress to a source of productivity. She helped me create a simple system that caters to my exact needs and I'm now able to accomplish more work in less time. Bailey also helped my son change his room from a dumping ground for his stuff to a space that he actually enjoys spending time in."
-Anna Lee, Ojai

"Bailey has been very instrumental in helping with my office organization. She is very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She also understands, is sensitive to and helps clients work through feelings of being overwhelmed with certain organizing projects.
I would definite recommend Bailey."
-Goleta, CA Business Office Organizing Client 

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